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Here at Sho.Promo we have cherry picked for this site a variety of different types of clothing that we particularly like working with...


The ones we have chosen are excellently constructed and print or embroider really well. Our paticular favourites are organic combed cotton. but as you can imagine there are a huge number of brands each with countless products and often you the customer, have your own favourites.


With that in mind, there is a link below to our own fully interactive store belonging to one of our main suppliers. Which carries all the brands available and also some quick links to the best known.

These cannot be added to your cart but are fully priced.


All prices quoted on that store are identical to those we have showcased on this site.

Remember to come back here to work out your printing or embroidery costs a well.


Please click on the links below to be taken to the respective brand page:


Full Store: Full store:


Bag Base: Bag Base

B&C: B&C

Beechfield Headwear: Beechfield

Bella: Bella

Finden & Hales: FH

Flexfit by Yupong: FBY

Fruit of the Loom: FOTL

Gameegear: GG

Gildan: Gildan

Henbury: Henbury

Kariban: Kariban

Kustom Kit: KK

Quadra Bags: Quad

Regatta Jackets: Reg

Result Jackets: Result

Rhino base clothing: Rhino

Russell Collection: Russell

SF-skinny fit: SF - skinny fit

Stanley Stella: Stanley/Stella

Stormtech Jackets: Stormtech Jackets

Tombo Activewear: Tombo 

Towel City- towels and bathrobes: Towel City

Under Armour - activewear: Under Armour 

Yoko - hi-viz workwear: Yoko 



Extensive clothing catalogue - numerous brands

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