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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Here at Sho.Promo we like to have fun, but we take what we do very seriously.

Buying online has never been more easy. But with such a lot of product out there it's hard to keep up. We have chosen to promote on this site items that we love and know that our clients love too.

Our particular favourites in the clothing ranges are ethically sourced, environmentally sound, organic cotton t-shirts and sweats and there are some great brands...

However with such a vast range of new items coming on to the market we have also linked to our suppliers websites so that we don't miss a trick. Our selection of promotional goods and branded clothing includes all the ranges of pieces that we love..


The team here at Sho.Promo have decades of experience in branding product. 

Our team will advise you and make sure that your expectations are more than just just met.


Our mantra has always been..

If it's an established item then we sell it, if it needs to be sourced we will find it and if not then we will simply make it..

Browse our site where we carry a selection of our favourite items and get in touch if you need any assistance. 

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