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When we work out embroidery costs, it's dependant on the number of garments you embroider plus the number of stitches in your design,


You can change the colour thread being used, in the same production run, so long as its the same design. 


There will will be a set up charge. This is to punch the the design on to the disk. Once created we can run out sample swatches if need be, before running your production.


The magic number in embroidery is 100 pieces. Smaller quantities have a  premium.


The  Disk Orgination of up to 10,000 stiches is at £30.00


We have costed up until 15,000 stitches.


Most left breast and baseball cap design are between 7K - 10K stitches.


If it is a larger design we can quote properly on sight of artwork.




Embroidery - Garments

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